How to Choose the Right Decommission Company For Your Liquidation

Decommissioning servers takes a concerted effort that must be followed step-by-step for the best results. If an individual is not properly trained, they can end up causing damage and even suffer data leaks. Those who are planning a data center liquidation need to be aware of what they should look for when choosing a decommissioning service to provide them with professional help.

How to Choose the Right Company

There are many factors to consider when it comes time to decommission a data center. Hiring a professional can help to take away a great deal of the stress that is involved in the process. Choosing an outside professional to take care of the decommissioning tasks will ensure each of the vital steps is carried out in exacting order so no adverse issues arise in the process.


When choosing data center services, experience is a must. It is not enough to simply have a strong IT background. Not all IT professionals have experience working in decommissioning, and this is not a service that should be left to amateurs who do not know what they are doing.

The company should be able to handle the big equipment in the data center and all of the accessories and components, including cables, power cords, and even the cabinets. Without the right professional, individuals may find themselves having to deal with odds and ends that need to be hauled away because they cannot be repurposed.

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It is incredibly important to choose a decommissioning team that is fully versed in ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition). This simply means the team knows when they need to work together and when they must split up to work independently so all of the goals will be able to be met.


A company that is able to draw up a complete decommissioning plan is vital. If the team cannot create a proper checklist before the project begins, there could be steps that are left out. Any missing steps or steps carried out in the wrong order can result in adverse problems, including the risk of data leaks.

Keeping private data out of others’ hands is a vital service provided by data center decommissioning. Using the right destruction protocols is crucial for successfully destroying sensitive information in the process. A team that does not use these protocols should not be hired.


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